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    FILTER BEER OR MAKE TEA: We love beer, but what is better than the beverage itself is the satisfaction of creating it; The G. Francis Brewing 1 Gallon Hopper Spider Strainer, Stainless Steel 300 Micron Mesh – Homebrew Hops Beer & Tea Kettle Brew Filter is designed for kettle brewing systems to contain hops while keeping debris out of pumps, chillers, and finished beer, resulting in a clearer beer and better taste; Suitable for beer brewing, making compost tea, and putting into a boil pot EASY TO USE: Simply place this filter over the edge of your kettle and, during the boil, hops can be poured directly into the spider; For any standard electric brewing system BUILT TO LAST: 300-micron mesh that won’t wrinkle or damage easily; Frame made from firm stainless steel for strength and longevity; Will resist rust, corrosion heat, and pressure; Enables easier sterilization prior to brewing and easy cleanup
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