Indoor Tactics

    WHISKEY NEVER TASTED BETTER: Do you like your whiskey on the rocks, but not the taste once the ice starts melting? Indoor Tactics has the best solution for all those whiskey lovers who like to drink their scotch slowly and with style. Our chilling bullet stones will keep your drink at the right temperature without diluting it and ruining its ambrosial flavor. Plus, the stainless steel whisky bullets will look so virile in your whiskey glass. REVOLVER FREEZER BASE: Don’t bag your bullets; keep them front and center with the realistic cylinder base. The set of 6 stainless steel whiskey bullets has a revolver cylinder freezer base, which will hold your whiskey bullets while they’ll be cooling down in the freezer. At the same time, thanks to the revolver base, serving the whiskey bullets in your beverage will make a big splash, and a great impression. You might need to keep an extra set on hand, in case your friends swipe them XLARGE — SIZE DOES MATTER: You have one shot; skip the small, 22-sized bullets because size matters, and the greater the surface area, the quicker to chill. The extra-large chilling bullet rocks are made with antibacterial, corrosion resistant, and FDA approved 304 stainless steel, the perfect material to keep your bourbon cold when it counts. These large chilling whiskey bullets will be part of your collection for a very long time
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