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    The paper parasol straws with bright color flower designs that will make you say Aloha during the warm seasonal months! Your guests will love adding them to their hot Hawaiian accessories like a tiki mug and coconut cups! Create an authentic tropical tiki decor island atmosphere with these beautiful party favor ideas. Assorted colors vary from vivid red, bright yellow, and green to cool blues and purples. Be prepared and have these in your party supplies kit as part of your hawaiian accessories. These luau straws will bring a summer vibe to tasty cocktails like pina coladas to strawberry daiquiri drinks and have them looking beautiful for many party themes. Create an island paradise for lively tropical decor or a variety of settings such as a rain forest, jungle, moana party, and even baby showers with zoo animal favor boxes. Each has a paper parasol that expands out from the straw. Simply push up and spread out. Straws are of rainbow color and flexible, and you can stretch or curve them to decorate any of fruit flavored drinks and make them irresistible.
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