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    ✅ BAR CADDY SET – The home bar starter kit from Trendy Bartender. A professional and attractive addition to any bar that contains 6 separate compartments for drink utensils or condiments. The ultimate counter-top organizer for drink accessories and napkins ✅ SWIZZLE STICKS – No more stirring cocktails with pens or forks. Now you can look professional and garnish any drink with cool 9″ long tropical fruit pineapple swizzle sticks. Set includes 6 reusable sticks in various colors ✅ DRINK STIRRERS – Set includes 6 fun flamingo stirrers and 6 disc stirrers measuring 5.75″ in assorted colors. Multi-colored flamingos are undoubtedly the most fashionable stirrers (the “Miami Vice” of stirrers) and the black discs are the classiest stirrers
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