STUNNING DIAMOND DESIGN: The luxury gold color chilling stones and diamond cut old fashioned rocks glasses are perfect combination to enhance the experience of savoring fine liquor. Every glasses crafted with ultra clarity of glass to have an eye-catching appearance that radiates the beauty of the glass in the reflective cut. Unique yet modern in design, the diamond shaped of these stones are endlessly elegant. Our set will give you an impressive touch that you cannot get from others. THE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONE: This exquisite gold edition set makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion for him or her who loves to enjoy cocktails, single malt, or any liquours. No other sets are packaged this nicely, which make the best gift to surprise your family, friends, and co-worker on their special days such as Birthday, Mothers or Fathers day, Graduation, Wedding, Housewarming, Anniversary, and Christmas. This bar tools kit are great to add collection for whisky lovers. TASTE THE AUTHENTICITY: Never let a handful of ice ruins the taste of your whiskey, wine, bourbon, scotch or any of your favorite drinks by diluting too much water. Our chilling rocks are specifically designed to take the edge off without closing down the flavor of your drink so that you can taste the authenticity. Unlike granite or soapstone, Stainless Steel cubes keep your favorite drinks constantly cool at better sipping temperature.
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