✔ The inner and out walls of the glass at the bottom are insulated from each other. They do not come in contact with each other, and a layer of air between them prevents the inner wall from losing its chilling ability. As a result, your liquor stays cold for much longer. In other words, with the Chill-O Beer Bullet Glass, your beer will never be the same. ✔ Enjoy your beer the most stylish way possible. The Chill-O Beer Bullet Glass is a novel way of serving beer to your friends and guests. The glass set sports a classic design on the exterior, but it is its interior, which has magical properties in store for the user. ✔ The inside bottom of the glass is designed in the shape of a bullet, which is guaranteed to catch the eyes of your guests with its uniqueness. The thoughtfully designed glass will keep your drinks cold for long, without diluting or altering the flavor of your drinks.
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