Floating LED Shelves – Wine Rack Review

Floating LED Shelves with Wine Glass Holder Rack
Our floating led shelves with integrated wine glass racks are the very best solution to show each your wine and liquor assortment together with a spot to position your wine glasses. These shelves have holes at the ends for the bottom of the wine glass to suit into and a slot along the space of the shelf for the stem to slip in.

The holes are 3 1/8″ in diameter and the slots are 1/2″ wide so you’ll want to measure your wine glasses to make sure the bottom is beneath 3″ and the stems are beneath 1/2″.

Dimensions – nine” Deep x 3/four” H x X” Long




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Floating LED Shelves

Front Lighting fixtures Diffuser
-Even as it is just about unnoticeable at the shelf, all of our floating shelves come with a front Lighting fixtures diffuser. A feature distinctive to our shelves. This diffuser absorbs the Lighting fixtures from the back of the shelf to supply a wonderfully even glow around the front. With out this diffuser the led Lighting fixtures would trip throughout the shelving and you could possibly see each and every individual led (hotspots)

What’s Included
One Acrylic Shelf w/ inbuilt LED Lighting
3′ Jumper Cable (for connecting a couple of shelves)
Shelf Brackets
NeXus LED Remote Control
12v UL Listed Power Provide
Lifetime Warranty

NeXus LED Lighting fixtures Features

-User Created Colour Converting Modes
With such a lot LED Remote controls you might be given a generic fade sequence so they can fade via each and every Color. With our NeXus remote You’ll be able to create custom fade programs which lets you program in handiest the colors you need to peer. You’ll be able to program your favorite sports groups Colors and even make vacation programs. With the NeXus LED remote the choices are unending this means that your own home bar liquor show is bound to provoke!

-User Created Static Colours
-16 Preset Colours
-four Preset Colour Converting modes
-Dimming control
-Speed control

Seek advice from our web site for more information and images! CustomizedDesigns.com
The led back bar shelves with integrated wine glass holders are the very best addition to any home bar! This distinctive design means that you can now not handiest show your liquor & wine assortment, however will hold all your wine glasses too!
Contains (1) LED Shelf, Nexus LED Remote & Controller, Power Provide, Up to date Nickel End Wall Mounting Brackets, 3′ jumper cable to hook up with further shelves.
Shelves can function independently or may also be daisy modified in conjunction with included cables. When ordering a couple of shelves to be daisy modified, handiest order one shelf with the Power Provide and Controller. The rest shelves may also be purchased by the use of the (Shelf handiest) listings.
Daisy Chained Shelves will have to be inside of 3 feet of each other and each and every Controller kit can handiest function 20 linear feet of floating led shelves.

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