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Home Bars And Pubs Inspiration

Do you like to look at pictures of home bars and pubs? Do you have your own? Are you looking for inspiration for your home bar or pub build? JONGO is here for you! We have created a facebook group where people just like you are sharing pictures of their own home bars and pubs. Join at this link:

facebook group for home bars and pubs

This group is not for advertisements and just for you to get some inspiration or to see some bar porn. I for one wish that many of these in-home bars and pubs were in my home and I plan on using the group for my own inspiration. A home bar does not need to break the bank and many people in the group have been adding to their bars for years turning it into a real hobby. You will definitely want to see these home bars and pubs!

Here are a few pictures from the group, but Join to share your own and see much much more!

home bar from group

home bar from group

home bar from group

If you are looking for products for home bars and pubs we are here for that too. We have many different styles of product to fit the bar build that you are working on and here are some ideas for you below. Cheers!

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