Golden Oak Barrel

    MADE TO LAST A LIFETIME – Our barrels are made by 4TH GENERATION COOPERS (barrel makers) and from 100% new oak wood which is what makes the barrel, bung and spigot so durable that it will last years and why we stand behind our barrels. NO LEAKS GUARANTEE – Our inventory is made on demand and is never left sitting around to ensure that our customers get the very best barrels possible. Our barrels seal so well that they are typically air tight (try blowing into them to see) and require very little initial soaking -if any- to achieve a seal. If for some reason it is damaged in transit and refuses to seal just send us a message and we will replace it. CHARRED TO PERFECTION – Our barrels have a medium char on the inside which is ideal for most drinks and gives the contents that light natural taste that you should expect from a quality barrel.
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