Moonshine copper stills,upgrade style with controllable valve.Great alembic still for beginners or expert distiller,portable and easy to handle. Water distiller,material: red copper + stainless steel,stable when heat on top of the induction cooker or stove.Dimensions:capacity: 3 Gallons / 12L,height and diameter is 25cm/9.9inch x 25cm/9.9inch for big still barrel, diameter 18cm/7.6inch and height 11cm/4.3 inch for small cooling pot. Build-in thermometer: The built-in temperature gauge in the copper moonshine whiskey still displays the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit with still pot lid. Make sure the temperature is accurate when distilling.The traditional moonshine still is being widely used in countries which follow the traditional method.The condenser has an additional outlet to make emptying or circulating water easier.
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