High Brightness and Reliability: Unlike most battery-powered light, this has built-in rechargeable and efficient energy-saving LED bulbs that shine an ultra-bright light of 100 lumens/180 lumen to make you move conveniently in the dark, with more than 80000 hours long lifetime. The highly-reliable lithium battery can uninterruptedly last up to 8 hours after a full charge. You would love them if you care about the environment; no need to deal with dead batteries; Easy to use and install: The product is wireless, so there is no need for any screws or tools, no plugging-in, and no electric wires required. Because of the magnet residing inside, you can directly attach the product to any iron surface, OR stick the iron material attached to the LED light to a non-iron surface using 3M adhesive stickers. When you need to charge it or change its location, you can take it off anytime. Durable and Versatile: Usable in any place where you need some extra light, or as dusk-to-dawn night light. Suitable to use indoors or outdoors, for example in the wardrobe, cabinets, closet, porch, doorway, tool box, bedroom flood, wall, workshop, basement, storage room, cupboard, patio, kitchen, counter, stair, drawer, hallway, warehouse, garage, bookcase, corridor, headboard, attic, roof, camping tent and so on. Also, it is removable, in case you wish to take it off for emergency lighting.
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