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North Korea Has Fired A Missile Over Japan Into The Pacific Ocean | Whiskey News

North Korea Missle

The missile prompted Japan to issue an emergency alert for its citizens, warning people to take cover in buildings or underground. The projectile later fell in the Pacific.

North Korea fired a missile Friday morning over Japan, escalating an already-volatile situation in the region and prompting Japanese authorities to advise people to seek shelter.

South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported the launch of an “unidentified missile” took place near Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. The missile then flew east toward Japan.

According to Japanese public broadcaster NHK, the missile entered Japanese territory at 7:04 a.m. local time, flew over the country’s northern island Hokkaido at 7:06 a.m., then landed about 1,200 miles east of northern Japan in the Pacific Ocean at 7:16 am.

(read full story at buzzfeed).

Stay calm and have a whiskey

Listen we understand that this is important and dangerous, but we also think that is a perfect reason to have a whiskey. If you find yourself stressed out about North Korea sit down and pour yourself a glass of the good stuff and relax. We do have to trust that our military can handle the North Korean government or we at least have to hope to hell they can. This is just another political battle that will end with in some kind of fight. Lets just hope that it doesn’t involve too many of our young service members. Either way I say lets have a drink for now and take it one step at a time. It is almost the weekend after all. Cheers!


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