Beverage Air SPED72-18-2 72″ Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Table Price: $5,163.75 (as of 12/06/2021 07:59 PST- Details)

Beverage-Air Commercial Food Tables 72″ Sped72-18-2


SPED72 ELITE SERIES – STANDARD TOP WITH DRAWERS All around prep table with enhanced refrigeration system. Improved airflow for less temperature gradient and uniform temperature distribution throughout the cabinet. Pans are cooled from the bottom, eliminating the necessity of air blanket. Airflow assures that product in open containers is kept below 41°F and above freezing. This translates into increased product shelf life, higher quality food, better food appearance, fresher product and a reduction of bacteria buildup to combat food-borne illnesses. CABINET CONSTRUCTION Exterior construction includes heavy-duty stainless steel finish on front, sides, top, drawers and grille. Removable hoods and insulated lid assemblies are made of matching stainless steel. Cabinet back and bottom are constructed of galvanized steel. Interior liner is made of aluminum for superior resistance to corrosion. In cabinets with doors and drawers, doors are mounted to face of cabinet on cartridge-style hinges permitting them to self close under their own weight. Hinges also allow doors to stay open 120° and permit easy door removal for service and cleaning if required. A plug-in type vinyl magnetic gasket is attached to each door for positive seal. Drawer frames are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and are supported on heavy-duty telescoping drawer slides for maximum support of stored food products. The drawer slides have a locking mechanism that prevents the drawers from being inadvertently pulled off the cabinets. Upper pull-out drawers accommodate 4 deep pans. Lower pull-out drawers accommodate up to 6″ deep pans. Heavy-duty pan divider supports are supplied. Foodservice pan”


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