A Bar Above Cocktail Strainer Set – 3 Piece Stainless Steel Bar Strainer Set (Hawthorne Strainer,


Hawthorne Strainer: Our bar strainer Hawthorne version features a high-quality, tightly-coiled spring that acts as a barrier to keep fruit pulp and ice shards from making their way into your cocktail. This versatile bartender strainer is lightweight and has a patented cut-away design that reduces abrasion against the side of your hand.
Julep Strainer: Whether you’re making a Martini, Manhattan, or Negroni, this trusty julep drink strainer has you covered. Designed to fit perfectly in any standard mixing glass, these versatile bar utensils allow you to pour quickly while filtering out ice particles, creating a smooth and delicious drink!
Fine Mesh Strainer: Our conical mesh strainer is bigger, stronger, and way fancier than the fine strainer you’re used to. Not just for cocktails, this juice strainer is perfect for straining teas, as a Kombucha sieve, or for straining soups or broths. These strainers fine mesh tools have a double-welded handle with an extra-strong TIG weld and wide collar. They’re built to last!


Professional Grade All-Stainless Steel Strainer Set

Including the three strainers every craft bartender needs, this set was designed to include the three best quality strainers available on the market.

HAWTHORNE STRAINER: Our custom Hawthorne Strainer was designed from the ground up to be the most comfortable, efficient and durable strainer available. Its ergonomic shape won’t rub awkwardly against your finger during service, and the finger grip is the perfect distance to minimize hand strain.

JULEP STRAINER: Designed for stirred cocktails, our Julep Strainer is the perfect size and shape for your shaker o rmixing glass. Its shape is comfortable and effective for holding back the ice from your Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Martini.

FINE MESH STRAINER: We were frustrated with low-quality fine strainers that damaged easily and whose handles broke off after just a few nights of service. This strainer’s welds have been double-reinforced and its 10cm size is big enough to strain quickly and get your cocktails done faster – without sacrificing the quality if the strain.

The Last Strainers You’ll Ever Need:
– Crafted for comfort, letting you keep making drinks all night long without a sore hand
– Made with a polished, weld-free and food-grade SS304 Stainless Steel, these strainers will not bend, break, rust or warp.
– Durable and dishwasher safe for home or commercial dishwashers

BARTENDERS CHOICE: Designed by a career bartender for working bartenders, these strainers are the most ergonomic, durable and efficient choice. Perfect for light days or deep in the weeds!
DURABLE: All three strainers are made with durable SS304 and reinforced welds. Commercial dishwasher safe and guaranteed not to warp, bend, rust or break.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Rounded handles are designed for comfort and ergonomics. We created these strainers with the busiest shift in mind, to reduce hand strain and wrist stress. Your body will thank you!
VERSATILE: Armed with the Hawthorne, Julep and Fine Strainer, you’ll be prepared to make any cocktail that inspires you! From Margarita to Mojito, Old Fashioned to Manhattan or Mai Tai and Martini – you’re ready to mix!
SPEED & STYLE: All three strainers have been created with speed in mind, but designed to ensure your drink is perfectly filtered as well. Strain with ease without slowing down service!
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