E.C. Kraus-HOZQ8-1578 Immersion Wort Chiller – Multicolor


Country Of Origin: United States
Model Number: HOZQ8-1578
Item Package Dimension: 10.5″ L x 10.0″ W x 17.0″ H


Cool your beer worth from boiling to room temperature in just a few short minutes. Cooling your worth down faster not only saves time, it allows less time for your beer to become infected and oxidized from excessive air exposure. Run cold Tap water through the copper tubing while the worth Chiller is submerged in your worth. Heat quickly transfers from the worth to the flowing water within the copper tubing and runs back to your sinks drain. Copper tubing is 20 feet in Length. Perfect size for cooling 5 or 10 gallons of beer. Comes with two lengths of 3/8′ ID vinyl hose to REACH back and forth from the brew pot to the sink. Each hose is 3 feet in Length. Also has a Brass, garden hose fitting to thread onto a laundry sink faucet or outside faucet. See faucet adapter below for attaching to most American kitchen faucets. E. C. Kraus immersion worth Chiller, country of origin – United States, manufacturer name – LD Carlson.
Worth chiller
Cool your worth from boiling to room temperature in just minutes
Chopper tubing is 20 feet in length
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