Hops and Grain Hop Bag, 14″ (25 Count)

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STRENGTH OF MUSLIN: With many hop filtering bags on the market, it’s hard to
figure out which ones to buy. Filters are a


These are throw away bags for grains and hops. Our nylon bags offer greater flow through, tighter mesh, a string to hang them from, and resuability. The benefit of the disposable muslin bags is that you don’t have to clean them out.
STRENGTH OF MUSLIN: With many hop filtering bags on the market, it’s hard to
figure out which ones to buy. Filters are a
great method to extract hops when making homemade beer. Common materials include mesh,
nylon, or muslin fabric. Muslin bags are the
best of the three due to the durability,
permeability, and stretchy
disposition of the material. Normally 14″, our hop
boiling bags extend up to 26″ in length. It also holds up to 3 ounces of
hop pellets and one pound
of grain.
NO-FUSS EXTRACTION METHOD: Whether you are using hop
pellets, whole hops, or whole grains, it’s more convenient to use a filtering system than submerging them directly
into the brew. Homebrew
beer filters are ideal because you get the same extraction of flavors
without worrying about the pellets or grain getting stuck in the homebrew equipment. Simply pull out your muslin bag when you’ve reached optimal flavor displacement. This method greatly
diminishes the hassle of build-up and clean-up.
BACK ON EXPENSES AND WASTE: At Cotton Millz, we’re firm believers in doing what
we can to cut back on environmental waste.
We encourage everyone to use our bags more
than once to support our efforts to be eco-friendly.
These muslin steeping grain socks are reusable
and washable, so you can use them more than
once without the bags losing their integrity
or becoming ineffective. They are stain resistant
and odor-free as
well, so reusing a bag
won’t influence the taste of your beer.
the flavor of hops is an integral part of the beer-making process.
Used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent, hops impart bitter,
zesty, and citric flavours, making the undertones of your craft come alive. You
need to optimize surface area for your pellets to work properly. Our cotton
bags are stretchy and porous which means you don’t need to worry about your hops or grain being confined,
decreasing surface area and, ultimately, taste.
JUST FOR BEER: While we created
these home brewing supplies for craft beer enthusiasts, these muslin bags are incredibly versatile, lending themselves to all sorts of uses from loose leaf tea steeping to making herb sacks for soups
and stews. These can be used as almond milk and juice bags as well. Muslin material is better than the ever-popular cheese cloth because it is stronger and more
stretchy. Use the Cotton Millz easy-to-use bags
for all sorts of projects and creations in the kitchen.

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