Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit Glasses, European-Made Lead-Free Crystal, Modern Beer Glasses, Dish


PREMIUM BEER TASTING GLASS KIT – Four essential glasses for the craft beer lover. Each glass is designed to enhance a specific beer style for the perfect sip. This tasting kit contains an IPA, Tulip, Lager, and Hefe glass for a well-rounded selection.
GERMAN-MADE LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL BARWARE – Sparkling lead-free crystal construction and elegant modern design enhance your beer-drinking experience. Pour your favorite IPA or Barrel Aged brew and take your beer connoisseurship to the next level.
DISHWASHER SAFE – Spiegelau’s Platinum Glass process ensures your glassware’s brilliance. Even when run through 1,500 dishwasher cycles, these glasses remained flawless, without scratching or fogging. Rinse thoroughly and polish for best results.


The Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses have been approved by an expert tasting panel of master brewers and industry professionals. Focusing on beer enjoyment, members of the tasting workshop tested multiple glass shapes to find the best glass for India Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, Barrel Aged Beer and Stout. In the experts’ opinion, the custom-shaped glasses successfully deliver the complexity of aromas on the nose while demonstrating the optimum beer texture, balance and flavor intensity on the palate. Staying faithful to the spirit of Bavarian artisan craftsmanship, we have created these unique, functional glasses to bring out the best in complex craft beers. Like our expert tasting panel, we believe that craft beers deserve crafted glasses. Cheers
Contains one each of the following glasses: India Pale Ale Capacity- 540 ml, Stout Glass Capacity- 600 ml, American Wheat Beer Glass Capacity- 750 ml, Barrel Aged Beer Glass Capacity: 500 ml
Material – Crystal glass, Produced in the spirit of Spiegelau, the class of glass with durable lightweight brilliance
With maximum dishwasher-safety
Different styles of beer require different glasses to unfold their flavors
India Pale AleDiameter: 82 mm, Stout Glass Diameter: 86 mm, American Wheat Beer Glass Diameter: 95 mm, Barrel Aged Beer Glass Diameter: 90 mm
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