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RIP Tom Petty October 2, 2017


October 2nd 2017 was a very difficult day for many people and I struggled very much in what to title this article. I am of course referring to two different occurrences one being the Las Vegas shooting that has so far left 59 people dead and over 400 injured. The second of which being the passing of one of the greatest musicians of our time Tom Petty. I decided that I would like to cover both topics but wanted to be very careful about the Las Vegas one. I hate (let me repeat) I hate when a demented lunatic gets media attention for a horrific act as in my mind that is exactly what they wanted. So in that vein I will not mention the persons name that committed the act, I not go into any details about the act and I wont title this article as such either. So I won’t rank for that story… Some things are more important right? I do want to bring it up simply because it was and is a very very important part of actually October 1st and it is important that we learn from what happened. It is also important to point out the heros as well as the victims of the act. They should not be forgotten. So I will link right now to some of their stories and I hope that people learn who they are and what a huge loss they are .

That is what I will say about the terrible events that happened in Vegas and move onto another sad and tragic story.

Tom Petty Dies at 8pm pt at the age of 66

Tom Petty loved by many passed away at 8pm pt from a cardiac arrest in Los Angeles on October 2nd 2017. I am going to speak from the heart on this one as I think that will do this story the most justice and honor an incredible human being the best. My name is Mike and I am the owner of JONGO and I am 31 years old and don’t consider myself the biggest of Tom Petty fans even though I love and do listen to his music. I have never seen him in concert, I do not have a tshirt with his name and I don’t even own one of his CDs. Even though I don’t have any of these things I have felt a huge impact in my life from Tom Petty. For me it is about the memories that were created around his songs with my friends and loved ones (some of which have also passed). Every time one or more of his songs come on and I hear them I think first of my great memories and second of how good the music is. In that way, his music has been an incredible influence in my life and I can truly say that there is not much music that has the same kind of impact. How special is that? To me it means a lot and because of that I am to a certain degree heartbroken that he is gone, but I relish in the fact that his music and along with it my memories of better times will live on. Because of that I would like to take a minute here to say Thank you Mr Petty! Thank you for the way you have made a very positive impact on my life and I know that you have had similar or even more prolific impacts on others. It is with a heavy heart that I say rest in peace Tom Petty. Please play a tune for my friends and family that have loved your music and have passed before you.


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