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Soondar® Ice Ball Maker Mold

* Soondar produces large ice balls that last longer than standard cubes keeping your drink cooler and potent.
* Get creative and customise your ice balls with garnishes (Lime, Olives, Mint leaves, Strawberries, Coffee beans etc.)
* Save on expensive ice presses and single ice ball molds.
* Add class and cool novelty to any occasion. Use with your finest whiskey or most colourful cocktails.


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Soondar® Ice Ball Maker Mold



* Soondar ice ball mold makes 4 x 4.5cm ice spheres helping you prepare for the bigger occasions.
* Flexible mold makes it easy to release the ice balls and keep them intact.
* Sealed and balanced tray reduces risk of leaking or tipping whilst freezing.
* Two silicone trays that are dishwasher safe and FDA approved.

Risk free – 100% satisfaction guarantee

Make your home bar complete with the best ice ball mold to chill a glass of bourbon or scotch on the rocks, better than whiskey stones or stainless steel cubes.
Get creative make a tray of popsicle spheres, frozen yogurt balls, freeze lemons, limes, strawberries, raspberries or any other fruit in the ice globes to add flavor to your drink.
It makes perfectly sized 4.5cm slow melting ice balls that will reduce the dilution of your favourite drinks, keep your drinks colder for longer and fit almost any glass you choose to use.
Use your favorite recipes to bake bite size round muffins or cupcakes in your kitchen oven with this non-stick, FDA approved silicone form.
Buy Soondar risk free – 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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