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Things You Just Have To Know About Halloween This Year


Hey Guys! It is almost Halloween again and everyone is starting to get excited. In doing my research for this article I found a few interesting trending searches on Google that I just had to share before I get started with the Things You Just Have To Know About Halloween section. Check it out:

The number one thing people are searching for when it comes to Halloween right now is: When is Halloween? This is definitely a good thing to know however I am a bit disappointed that people don’t already know the answer. In case you didn’t know Halloween is October 31st. That is a Tuesday so you are going to want to plan your big party for the 28th most likely unless you want to have it after Halloween is actually over.

Coming in at #2. 

How many days until Halloween? This is very good to know and the answer is 6 days from today, however, click the link as obviously that number will change every day.

At #3

What should I be for Halloween? A very good thing to google. I would probably be googling something more like “what should I be drinking for halloween?”


What is Halloween? I don’t understand why anyone would need to google this at all unless they are unfamiliar with US culture or wanted to figure out the history of Halloween. 


Why do we celebrate Halloween? I would like to think that everyone has their own very special reasons that they celebrate Halloween, but either way google has answers for this question as well. 

Now here is what you may want to buy for Halloween and you better act quickly because time is short!
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This website: Has all the bar related products that you need for Halloween specifically. I wish JONGO did but since we are a new store we do not and we cannot get them to you in time. Make sure you get expidited shipping if you try to buy before halloween this year! Cheers!

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