Use A Breathalyzer Before You Drove Home – Get Yours Today

Buy a Breathalyzer – Get Yours Today

Have you ever been out at a bar or just had a night of drinking where you either just had a few or where you waited a few hours and were just unsure whether or not you were ok to drive home? I know I have and I think that most everyone else has been there as well. So why not own the same tool that the police will use to check you if you get pulled over? Below are a list of affordable breathalyzer tools for purchase through Don’t drive drunk and don’t get a DUI. We recommend that you choose one of the more expensive breathalyzers in order to ensure more accuracy. We also think it would be a good idea to make sure you are a couple points under the legal limit for your area. We also cannot confirm the accuracy of any of these tools so please do some research on your own before purchasing and trusting one with your life. Share this with all your friends and make the streets safer for everyone!

BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer | Professional-Grade Accuracy | DOT & NHTSA Approved | FDA 510(k) Cleared | Portable Breath Alcohol Tester for Personal & Professional Use

#1 RATED BREATHALYZER BY WIRECUTTER - "After 65 hours of research, which included getting intoxicated at a police station to test personal breathalyzers alongside law enforcement equipment, we're sure the BACtrack S80 is the most accurate, reliable, and easiest-to-use personal breathalyzer that you can buy." - TheWirecutter, February 2017
POLICE-GRADE ACCURACY - Powered by BACtrack's platinum-based Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor, the S80 utilizes the same police-grade technology trusted by hospitals, clinics, and even law enforcement. These professional organizations trust BACtrack breath alcohol testers because they know they are getting the most accurate and reliable BAC results possible, every time they test. The S80 can detect trace amounts of alcohol, reliably handles high BAC levels and is accurate to the third decimal place.
SIMPLE, ONE-BUTTON OPERATION - The BACtrack S80 is extremely easy to use. Simply insert the two included AA batteries, power on your breathalyzer and begin testing. It's that easy. Your BAC results are displayed 10 seconds later on a bright, easy to read LCD screen. Should you want more control, you are able to easily change units of measurements and set user-defined BAC thresholds for testing.

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Price: $120.89

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BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer Portable Keyring Breath Alcohol Tester

Accurate BAC Results - Proprietary Advanced MicroCheck Sensor technology delivers reliable, accurate BAC results you can trust
Ultra-Compact Design - Fits inside a purse or pocket and can be easily used as a keychain
Optimal Breath Capture - The innovative fold-out mouthpiece ensures only your breath goes into the breathalyzer, while other airborne pollutants are kept out.

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Price: $19.00

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