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Do Whiskey Stones Work? Do they Chill Your Drink?

On The Rocks… Whiskey Stones

Do Whiskey Stones work? The short answer is yes! Whiskey Stones bring your beverage of choice down to its preferred temperature. Whiskey is at its optimum taste at room temperature, 15-18 degrees Celsius (60-65 °F). I say make it as warm or cold as you want. Add water or ice if you want to. I only ask that you make it the way that suits you best and the way that it best suits my need is by bringing the temperature down to that 65 ° range without watering it down. I like to control the taste of my bourbon or whiskey. I hope this video helps you decide how best to make your drink as well.

I prefer natural soapstone to chill my drinks. The soapstone material has the ability to hold a cold temperature for extended periods and its soft composition won’t scratch your glass unlike harder materials like granite. There are stainless steel whiskey stones on the market that also work fairly well, but I find that they work about as well as the soapstone whisky rocks but are usually significantly more expensive. I also prefer the look of the rustic soapstone over the finished steel look. There are options such as stainless steel bullet whiskey stones or even skulls that I have seen made from both stone or stainless materials. When it comes to choosing those it is to each there own and many people choose to get a set of each.

Simply freeze the stones for a few hours. Add as many as you would like to your next drink, swirl the contents of the glass around the whiskey stones for a faster chill, and drink your freshly chilled beverage.

Why should I use Whiskey Stones instead of ice?

Whiskey Stones are ideal controlling the temperature of your beverage without diluting it or over chilling it effectively ruining the flavor.

Reason not to over chill your whiskey

The wood oils in the whiskey, which have leached into the liquid from the carefully selected cask it was aged in and which carry all the flavor, tend to congeal and “close down” the flavor of the drink itself when the temperature goes below 50. The stones are specifically designed to “take the edge off without diluting or closing down the flavor.”

Skip the ice! Don’t water down your drink!

So do whiskey stones work?

YES YES YES! Go get em! Here is a link where you can try to win some JONGO brand whiskey stones: Win JONGO Brand Whiskey Stones!

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