Yarai Cocktail Mixing Glass By Mixologists – Featuring The Classic Japanese Diamond Cut Pattern – Unique Elegant Design- Heavy Duty Glass- Dishwasher Safe- 500ml (17oz)

• PREPARE YOUR COCTAILS THE RIGHT WAY: In order to make proper cocktails at home, you need to have the proper tools. And this mixing glass is definitely one of them. This Yarai glass allows you to mix your drinks and create delicious stirred cocktails following the traditional, authentic way! Prepare your cocktails in this glass and enjoy your drink even before the first sip!
• BEAUTIFUL DESIGN-PERFECT FOR ANY BAR: This mixing glass features an elegant Japanese diamond- cut Yarai pattern that looks just stunning. Forget the bulky cocktail shakers and add this piece of art to your bar collection. You will be impressed of how well made and classy this glass looks!
• SMART SIZE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: This 500ml glass allows you to stir your cocktails easily and it can hold enough ice to chill your drink while you are making it. This smart mixing glass will give you at least 1 to 2 drinks or plenty of delicious cocktail shots for you and your friends.



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