Borosilicate Glass Testing Jar for Hydrometers – Beer, Wine, Spirts, Moonshine.

TOP QUALITY DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT: It’s recommended pro distillers use a hydrometer to read liquid alcohol content which is why you are going to need a couple of these 12″ master distiller hydrometer test jars. Designed for use with a proofing hydrometer our glass testing tube is a must have for making great brews ciders whiskey, mash, kombucha moonshine and other high proof spirits. Made with absolutely NO mercury and NO lead the glass beaker tubes are also safe and environmentally friendly.
TUBES FOR A VARIETY OF PROJECTS: Since they are dishwasher-safe commonly used for beer or wine sampling and strong enough that they can handle ANY alcohol scielaboratory chemical products high proof spirits and even battery acid the heavy duty nongraduated cylinders are great for home brewing for home winemaking fermentation distilling and laboratory work. Use them to get quick and clear hydrometer readings to test sugar content to taste maple syrup or for testing higher proof products.
SOLID GLASS CYLINDRICAL TESTER: Crafted out of a single piece of lab-grade pyrex Borosilicate glass our tall tube is stronger more durable and more dependable than others currently on the market. Some brands make their sampling tubes out of glass panels that are fused or glued together thus leading to leaky seams. We chose to make these test jars out of solid glass in order to ensure that you will experience leak-free testing and tasting time and time again.

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