Whiskey Stones Gift Set | 10 Whisky Ice Cubes, Freezer Bag & Stainless Steel Tongs | Ice Rocks for Chilling Whisky, Wine, Scotch or any Drink Without Diluting – Groomsmen Gifts, Chills 8 – 9°F

WHISKEY STONES – All of our whiskey rocks are made from 100% soapstone with no fillers then cut into perfect squares cubes and come with a velvet freezer storage bag and stainless steel serving tongs.
100% SAFE – Soapstone is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a suitable surface material for contact with food. Once your drink is chilled the stones will maintain that chill longer than ice cubes.
REUSABLE AND DISHWASHER SAFE – Because whiskey stones are made from soapstone they are naturally non porous and will NOT impart unfavorable flavors or smells to your drink. No liquid or soap will get trapped inside the whiskey stones during washes making them 100% reusable ice cubes. Since they are rocks / stones please be careful where you place them in the dishwasher as they could damage your other dishes or whiskey glasses.